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For many years we have been working in scientific and commercial projects in South and Central America, the Caribbean and east and south Africa. Most projects are research and development projects on raw materials from neotropical plants. In many cases we have been working in particular countries with the same reliable partners and already have the necessary infrastructure for the realization of research and development projects. Generally, these projects are conducted with local companies, organisations and farmers - often in the form of development co-operations.

Peru, for example, is one geographical focus. This country has a highly diverse (and little known) flora due to its geographical characteristics, and has a long history of agriculture, and thus provides an ideal environment for the investigation of new botanical raw materials. Peru is about to pass national legislation for utilization of natural resources based on the Convention on Biodiversity, and thus building a legal base for accessing genetical and botanical resources.

Other countries in this region (e.g., Brasil and Chile) also have the political stability essential for research and development projects and a well-developed infrastructure, as well as the agricultural and industrial basis for the cultivation and processing of botanicals.

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